dough sheeters

Our dough sheeter comes with a stainless steel body and roller by helping improve your bakery's efficiency by perfectly flattening the dough into thin crusts!

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Dough Sheeters

Dough Sheeter 520 Full Stainless Steel Body And Roller

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190,000 excl. GST
224,200 incl. GST
Dough Sheeters

Dough Sheeter 650 Full Stainless Steel Body And Roller

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220,000 excl. GST
259,600 incl. GST

Table Top Dough Sheeter 520 Full Stainless Steel Body And Roller

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165,000 excl. GST
194,700 incl. GST

Commercial Dough Sheeter Machines

Wonder why restaurants prefer high-volume commercial dough sheeter machines? These dough sheeters are used to stretch, flatten, cut, & sheet all types of doughs.

Stainless steel dough sheeters & rollers help in improving the dough preparation process by flattening the dough into thin crusts quickly and freeing up the staff time.

Whether you run a small cafe, a commercial bakery, or a large-scale restaurant, it’s crucial to have a dough sheet machine. Get the latest-technology commercial dough sheet machine from Restaurant.Store, an online store for all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.

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Dough Sheeter Faq's

Commercial dough sheeters save time, effort, & cost along with offering perfect dough in no time!

It should have stainless steel body, food-grade Teflon belt, adjustable dough thickness, and better durability.

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