Home Baking Business

If you feel that you have enough baking skills to start something on a professional level, you should always start with home baking business. A business taking rise in the food sector.

Our Happy Clients

After learning the art of making Japanese Breads, when I came back to India, I decided to follow my passion and start a Specialty Bakery. I Needed the perfect Mixers and Ovens to make these unique products. I am happy that I found Restaurant store. Shabbirbhai is very helpful and has an in depth knowledge about the machinery. It is always a pleasant experience working with them.

Mr Rahul Deo,
Baker by Passion & Profession

When we open a Restaurant, we always think about the ambiance, interior theme, etc. But the Kitchen Equipment is also very important. Believe me, Restaurant store has executed my project in a well-mannered and a hassle free way.

Chef Tejal Latamble,
Restaurant Owner & Chef

The best thing about Restaurant store Equipments is the support they provide while making the decision of what equipment to buy. Even their post sales customer support is great.

Ms Mariya Zoheb,
Restaurant Owner

When I was in London, I learned that the right quality equipment is very important to get the right quality food. I realized that there are many vendors in India, but very few of them understand exactly what my specific requirement is. When I found Restaurant store Equipments, their team helped me a lot to plan my equipment in the right order.

Chef Kanishka Kamat,
Restaurant Owner, Chef & Consultant

Restaurant store Equipments have provided us with not only Kitchen Equipments but also helped us set-up the project in such a short period with all their experience & expertise. Will definitely recommend this company to everybody interested to set up a new restaurant project

Mr Mayank,
Phoenix Market City, Bengaluru

Home Baking Business

A business allows individuals to start a home bakery with a limited menu, small home based infrastructure, and comparatively less capital as commercial bakeries. The home baker can accept orders as per the capacity and bring up unique inventions in the bakery sector.

Takeaways From The Checklist

  1. A list of essential home baking equipment
  2. Detailed cost estimation, licences, and market analysis
  3. Tips for branding, marketing, and promotion