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Buy this must-have equipment for bakery items & steamed food- the combi oven from Contains 5 GN pans of size 1/1 and power of 5KW.

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Combi Oven

Convotherm Combi Oven Maxx Easytouch 10.10

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600,000 excl. GST
708,000 incl. GST
Combi Oven

Convotherm Combi Oven Maxx Easytouch 6.10

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465,000 excl. GST
548,700 incl. GST

Rational Combi Oven Cmp - 61e

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424,000 excl. GST
500,320 incl. GST

Rational Combi Oven Scc - 61e

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570,000 excl. GST
672,600 incl. GST

Combi Ovens For Bakeries in India

Combi ovens are widely used at large scale to small scale bakeries. Professional bakers as well home bakers prefer purchasing combi ovens since these advanced ovens have the amazing feature of circulating dry heat as well as steam.

Due to this feature of rational combi ovens, most of the commercial kitchens prefer having a single oven for crispy and juicy bakery items. At Restaurant.Store, you can find a variety of combi ovens with smart digital controllers. Some of these ovens have features of auto cooking and cleaning.

If your restaurant/cafe/bakery produces a large number of bakery products or food preparation items, you can surely check out these amazing combi ovens.

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Combi Ovens Faq's

A combi oven has the features and functionalities of both an electric oven as well as a gas oven. It can be used to prepare crust-based food products as well as soft spongy items like bread and cakes. Since combi ovens have both characteristics, most of the bakers prefer purchasing combi ovens.

It is recommended to use only the OEM-provided cleaning agent for cleaning a combi oven. One should first unplug the oven, take out all the trays & other components, and wash them with a hand shower.

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