4 Profitable Commercial Kitchen Organization Ideas!

4 Profitable Commercial Kitchen Organization Ideas!

The secret to good sales and profit for your restaurant often lies in the back-end operations of your kitchen. When a customer enters a restaurant- they expect 3 major things- good food worth their payment, a good ambience, and good service. Optimizing and maximizing your storage through kitchen organization supports all 3 of these. Because restaurant storage isn’t only limited to food.

Along with food & ingredients storage, it’s also used to stack away your utensils, and other restaurant equipment. The faster and easier you can navigate and access your storage, the better your kitchen organization is!

Kitchen Organization is not that difficult. But not doing it properly can lead to chaos due to the number of cooks working, and lead to things being misplaced, messy, and even waste of food in some cases. This can also be due to your kitchen’s layout or design being inefficient. For a progressive, innovative, and professional kitchen, here are a few kitchen organization ideas to implement for better kitchen storage.

4 Kitchen Organization Solutions to Maximize Storage

1. Kitchen Organization: How to Use Shelves?

The number one piece of equipment for better kitchen organization is shelves, with their ability to store anything. These probably exist in your kitchen, but it’s never a bad idea to introduce more of them. One of these is wall shelves. These can conveniently be fixed above any other kitchen equipment like a gas stove or fridge. For example, you can install a small shelf near your stove to store all the common seasoning needed.

Commercial Kitchen Storage : Shelves

Another variation of a wall shelf is a foldable version. Foldable wall shelves are super functional, as you can utilize them when you feel like it. The rest of the time they are as good as a part of your wall! Be sure you choose the aptest shelf for your kitchen’s needs. Additionally, you can also choose pipe-style wall shelves for more airflow for food storage which needs more air.

2. Kitchen Organization: Baskets To The Rescue!

Commercial Kitchen Storage : Baskets

Food service establishments work with a gigantic number of utensils- plates, glasses, cutlery, you name it! The storage, mobility, and cleaning of these can turn unorganized very fast. The best methods to store these utensils are commercial baskets! Here are a few types of Baskets you can invest in for optimal kitchen organization:

You can use these baskets in your sink or for faster storage and mobility solutions for your kitchen!

3. Kitchen Organization: Install Racks

Commercial Kitchen Storage : Racks

Racks are pretty similar to shelves, but they are often used in a different context. Racks are smaller storage options but are bigger than shelves. They are similar to cupboards in terms of their size. You can easily store beverages, food items, or even utensils for better kitchen organization. If you want to store particular food items that need air or wet utensils that need to dry off, perforated racks are the way to go. One functional feature to look for is its adjustable power.

4. Kitchen Organization: Movable Trolleys

Another storage equipment that works best to stack vegetables or can be used for its mobility are trolleys. Trolleys are helpful both inside and outside the kitchen. As they come with wheels, you can store the most commonly used vegetables and move them around the kitchen at your convenience. You can also stack up utensils and cutlery on trolleys, and help them to serve food in the seating area of your restaurant! Trolleys also come in handy to move mass or heavy utensils in a big kitchen.

Commercial Kitchen Storage : Trolley

Steal these Secret Kitchen Organization Tips!

  • Make use of vertical space- try to stack up more than wide. But while doing this, make sure you store utensils less used at the top.
  • Label all your food. Some food that’s stored for a long time can get mixed up. Assign shelves or racks to particular food and label them for less confusion.
  • Follow the first-in, first-out rule for food, which makes sure the food you stored before is used before the newer additions. You can use a can-roller to help you with this.


Too many cooks spoil the broth- and the same’s the case for the inanimate objects in your kitchen. The biggest secret to kitchen organization is to keep your space clean, tidy, and minimal. Try out these tips and do use the above-mentioned storage solutions for your kitchen for a better dining and cooking experience! To find storage solutions tailored for your restaurant’s kitchen, check out Restaurant.Store!

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