How to Buy a Powerful Commercial Exhaust Fan & Hood In 2023

How to Buy a Commercial Exhaust Fan & Exhaust Hood for your Kitchen In 2022

Restaurant kitchens are extremely busy- and each one needs a commercial exhaust fan. At the same time, many dishes are prepared together that have various aromas and smells. Most kitchen spaces are also very small and compact, with unfeasible ventilation layouts.

Combine this little to no space with the hot summers of India, and a low-ventilated kitchen can get unbearable and unhygienic to work in especially during rush hours. To tackle this issue, every kitchen must install an able and working exhaust fan or exhaust hood. These keep your kitchen space from getting too stuffy and also are a check in the hygiene maintenance equipment list. But how can a restaurateur select and buy the aptest exhaust fan or hood for their kitchen?

There are a lot of factors at play before choosing the perfect fan. Here are a few things to keep in mind while buying a commercial exhaust fan and hood!

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A Complete Guide to Buying a Commercial Exhaust Fan & Hood for your Kitchen

1. Size of the Commercial Exhaust Fan


The first aspect to consider while buying a commercial exhaust fan is its size. It needs to go in your kitchen without taking up too much space or eating up the area where other equipment goes. The amount of air exchanged by an exhaust fan is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). In fact, you can calculate and decide the capacity of your exhaust fan depending on the size of your kitchen. Generally, 1 CFM is required per square meter of your kitchen.

2. Location of the Commercial Exhaust Fan

Depending on the size, you can decide on the optimum place for your Commercial exhaust fan. A fan is usually installed on one of the walls vertically. While those have been around for decades, they can get a little rusty and act inefficiently due to being farther away from the food preparation equipment. For kitchens, the best option is to install an exhaust hood with an exhaust fan inside it. These usually hang from the ceiling and do a more effective job of clearing out the space with their convenient location on top of the equipment.

3. Types of Commercial Exhaust Fan

You can choose from wall-mounted exhaust fans, which can be installed either by cutting out a part of the wall or as a part of your window. The other type of exhaust fan is a ceiling fan, also known as an exhaust hood. Don’t forget to check on the amount of noise your commercial exhaust fan or hood makes.

4. Is it Easy to Clean?

Typically, you must clean your commercial exhaust fan or hood once every two weeks. In hotter climates and seasons, this can be shifted to a weekly routine. A major factor to consider before investing is to check how easily you can clean the fan. If not cleaned properly, the dirt and germs on the fan can accumulate and circulate in your kitchen. Look for fans that have parts that can easily be detached for a simpler cleaning process. For example, check if the filter is removable.

In a kitchen, there is a lot of equipment that needs to be cleaned regularly. If you have a deep fryer, check out this(how to clean a deep fryer) blog to learn how to clean it effectively!

Why a Commercial Exhaust Hood is Best for your Kitchen!

A Commercial Exhaust Hood effectively clears our fumes, odors, and heat inside your kitchen. Germs and mold tend to grow in moist environments, which makes kitchens their main target. Without a proper ventilation system, there is no guarantee to keep your kitchen dry and airy. Exhaust Hoods are the best to do this job over traditional commercial exhaust fans as they are stronger, are located in a better location, and are bigger. These are installed near the ceiling so that all the hot heat and steam that rises gets a proper outlet.

Check for added features such as removable filters and oil collection trays, which make it more efficient and easier to clean. For the body, Stainless Steel is the way to go, as cleaning it won’t take up too much time and effort.

If you had the chance to choose between a commercial exhaust fan and a commercial exhaust hood, the wise choice for a restaurant would be an exhaust hood. This is for many reasons, but most have to do with its functionality. Exhaust fans are installed in broadly 2 areas, kitchens and bathrooms. Out of the two, there is a type that suits the bathroom and there is a type that suits the kitchen. What suits the kitchen is an exhaust hood which provides more coverage and is built in ways to absorb kitchen fumes and gasses along with heat and steam. This doesn’t just make your cooking space cooler, but also cleaner.

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Now that you know why exhaust fans and hoods are obligatory in your kitchen, and how to choose and buy the best one, you can start making your purchase! Find other food preparation and kitchen equipment and accessories at Restaurant.Store, ones that are latest and top-notch in quality, while also lasting long. Visit our website to make an inquiry today!

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