How To Clean a Commercial Restaurant Deep Fryer in 5 Easy Steps

How To Clean a Commercial Restaurant Deep Fryer

Who doesn’t love fried food? Along with being widely loved, fried food is a major part of Indian cuisine and is prevalent in multiple restaurants around the world. I can assure you that your restaurant also uses a commercial restaurant deep fryer to prepare a few dishes! Many menu items rely on restaurant fryers to procure a crunchy texture and an addictive taste. This is why an unclean restaurant deep fryer can cause the quality of your food to degrade. Saturated oil and grime can also be highly hazardous to our health. Moreover, the walls and coils of a fryer can get carbonized if not cleaned for a long time, which is highly dangerous.

The process of cleaning a restaurant deep fryer is different compared to other equipment. As you will be dealing with oil, you will require various cleaning materials including heat-proof gloves, oil-removing liquid, and synthetic scrub pads. Also, keep in mind to dress appropriately and wear any other protective materials for this activity! Once you have unplugged your deep fryer, and have most of your cleaning equipment ready, you can start!

Steps to Clean & Maintain a Commercial Restaurant Deep Fryer

 1. Step-By-Step Commercial Restaurant Deep Fryer Cleaning Process

  1. Let’s start with the basics. After daily use, your fryer needs to be cleaned to be ready for next time. After unplugging your fryer, let the oil inside cool down completely. It’s risky to start any cleaning beforehand as the oil in the Restaurant Deep Fryer, and the insides of it could be scalding, and leave you burnt.
  2. After you are sure that the oil is cold, the next step is to drain it. Clear out the oil in your fryer using a safe container that has a lid that is sealed. Keep it aside in a cool place. It’s important to remember not to drain this oil down your sink as it could clog the inside. If you deem it safe, you can reuse the oil by filtering it through a coffee filter or give it to an oil-recycling center.
  3. After this, separate the frying basket from the main unit. If this is cool and contains no electrical components, you can use dishwashing or oil-removing soaps to thoroughly clean this part. To clean the pot and lid, use a synthetic pad that is damp to gently wipe the oil off surfaces. For harder-to-remove grime, use spatulas or a hard tool to scrape off collected grime, and wipe with a damp cloth. Your deep fryer’s heating element will also need to be cleaned. Use tissues to carefully clean them as well.
  4. Oil is hard to get rid of, but water, especially hot water does the trick. Use a jug to fill your fryer with hot water. Only fill as much as you fill oil. Let the water stay in your fryer for 20 minutes, before draining it similarly to the oil.
  5. After all these steps, if there is still oil residue or stubborn grime, baking soda and water are a great combination to get rid of them! Create a paste and use it to scrub the area of residue. Remember to wipe the area completely once the grime is gone. Once your deep fryer is completely clean, let any water residue dry before you use it, or even plug it in.

 2. Commercial Restaurant Deep Fryer Maintenance Tips

Apart from thorough cleaning, here are a few tips and tricks to follow while using your deep fryer daily, and utilize while cleaning your equipment too.

  • Check the manual that comes with your fryer for specifications. If there are particular ways to clean your equipment or some steps to avoid, you will find all those in the owner’s manual. Make sure you have referred to it, and also searched the cleaning do’s and don’ts for your specific commercial restaurant deep fryer model.
  • You can make use of brushes with long handles and soft bristles to reach every corner of your deep fryer, and scoop out all the dirt hiding in tricky places!
  • Clean the heating coils daily. You can wipe them, and use warm water or a brush to clean off the oil. As this element of the fryer provides heat, it’s essential that it is maintained and cleaned regularly for it to function properly.
  • Filter the oil you are using in a day regularly. If your restaurant uses any non-vegetarian food, it’s essential to filter the oil throughout the day. Use coffee filters or cheesecloth, which is a cotton gauze fabric to drain and re-drain your oil.
  • Make sure you are not ignoring the exteriors! The body of your deep fryer could also accumulate oil and dirt by accidental splashing. Give it a regular wipe-down both on the outer walls and the bottom of your dryer.


Along with basic hygiene, having a clean and maintained commercial restaurant deep fryer assures the crispy and crunchy taste of your restaurant’s fried food. The addictiveness of many food items also comes from their textures, which makes it imperative for your commercial deep fryer to be in top condition. This is why you must invest in a highly efficient commercial deep fryer that is economical and easy to clean for your restaurant business. To find the equipment that checks off all the requirements listed above, visit Restaurant.Store. Explore our site to browse through our list of commercial restaurant deep fryers today!

Moiz September 27, 2022


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