Restaurant Standard Operating Procedures Guide- 5 Effective Steps

Restaurant Standard Operating Procedures:Effective Guide 2022

Any standard operating Procedures (SOP) are beneficial for streamlining multiple tasks and bringing ease to every operation. The restaurant business in India is one of the most promising businesses and has a great scope for success. Hence, there is a lot of competition in the restaurant industry and to outsmart the competition, having a standard operating procedure can help.

The procedure helps in multiple ways such as simplifying regulatory compliances, streamlining staff onboarding, enhancing staff communication, improving customer service, optimizing asset management, and ensuring cleanliness.

Restaurant.Store has curated a simplified guide to creating your Restaurant SOPs. You can have SOPs for every department to optimize that department’s work. So let’s get started.

Guide To Creating Restaurant Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

1. Hygiene Standard Operating Procedures(SOP)

In this time of the pandemic, it is extremely important to take care of hygiene. Most of the customers entering restaurants pay special attention to cleanliness & tidiness. To make them feel at home, you can follow this SOP

2. Food-related Standard Operating Procedures(SOP)

There can be a standard procedure for food preparation. It can include

  • Purchasing only fresh & quality vegetables, meat, eggs, and raw material.
  • To check the expiry dates and allergy-related instructions
  • To keep the raw materials ready for whole-day food preparation
  • Storing the food as per standard guidelines
  • Recycling waste food
  • To report damaged or bad goods
  • To prepare food as per the standard process set by your chef

3. Standard Operating Procedures(SOP) for serving

When a customer enters your restaurant and places an order, the staff prepares it in time, and later it is served to the customer. But do you simply put the food in a serving bowl and send it to the customer? No right? So let’s see what can be considered in the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of food serving

  • Decorating the food in a presentable way
  • Adding relevant toppings to the dishes
  • Using serving utensils
  • Placing it in an appropriate order on the serving trolley
  • Asking or informing before serving to each customer
  • Setting a standard quantity to serve to each customer

4. Standard Operating Procedures(SOP) for customer service

Have you paid attention to customer reviews for different restaurants? Most of the reviews mention a lot about customer service. How the staff treats customers is an important factor when it comes to converting customers into loyal customers. Check out this SOP for customer service

  • Greeting customers when they arrive
  • Helping them with parking
  • Quick table booking
  • Taking them to the waiting area if needed
  • Helping them with menu selection
  • Serving food
  • Quick billing
  • Greeting while they leave

5. Standard Operating Procedures(SOP) for safety

The safety of your restaurant, staff, & customers should be on priority. Since every restaurant kitchen has a big number of commercial equipment (gas & electric), it is important to pay attention to safety measures

  • Prohibiting usage of mobile phones in the kitchen
  • Having fire extinguishers
  • Having fire exit
  • Automatic water sprinkler
  • Smart locking system


Following the above Standard operating procedures for Restaurants can help restaurateurs in removing employee guesswork about tasks, improving productivity, increasing teamwork, and most importantly; satisfying customers. Do you know what else you need to increase a restaurant’s productivity? The answer is quality equipment. To get branded & quality equipment online, you can check out Restaurant.Store. You will find a huge variety of quality commercial kitchen equipment suitable for every type of food business. No matter if you are a home baker or own a fancy resto-bar, you can get every type of equipment at Restaurant.Store.

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