Is a Virtual Kitchen Beneficial? 4 Amazing Advantages!

Is a Virtual Kitchen Beneficial? 4 Amazing Advantages!

The restaurant industry is known for having high operational and overhead costs. But like all new trends that emerge, the virtual kitchen has taken the industry by storm for its ability to increase revenue at a minimum expense/investment.
You must have read in our earlier blog – what cloud kitchens are and their concept as well as the prerequisites needed to set it up! If you haven’t done check it out!

In this part of the blog, we are going to state the many advantages of a virtual kitchen while you decide for yourself whether they are a way to go for your business.

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4 Amazing Advantages of a Virtual Kitchen

Advantages of a Virtual Kitchen!

1. Low Operating Costs

The greatest highlights that are a part and parcel of setting up a virtual kitchen is the low operating cost due to affordability! Setting up virtual kitchens calls for the requirement of less staff while also providing the ability to smoothly manage a huge number of orders through various channels.

This in turn, gives higher returns but with lower costs! You also save on the equipment and cost required for the seating space and serving aspects of a restaurant, or on any extra interior decor.

2. Laser-Focus on Food

In a virtual kitchen, one does not have to worry about things like managing tables, location, decor and more, things that come with a normal kitchen setting. Because of this, owners can focus on what truly matters- the food and customer satisfaction, giving them more time to work on the menu, unique names, improvising, etc.

Chefs and cooks can work more efficiently to curate a superb menu that surpasses everything else!

3. Streamlined Customer Data

Customers’ likes can be easily analyzed due to the streamlined ordering process that comes along with the technology used in a virtual kitchen setup. It also helps one to find loyal and always returning customers while catering offers and rewards for them as a token of gratitude, making the relationship even stronger.

Who says you can only build trust through dine-in restaurants? One can build a huge amount of customer loyalty and trust even from virtual kitchen models, and with the data that comes from their ordering patterns virtually!

4. Easy Expansion

With a virtual kitchen, you can have multiple brands under the same roof. This factor helps reduce investment tremendously. With the saved costs on other operations, you can easily expand your franchise as a whole, or birth newer brands under it! For example, if your brand serves Mexican cuisine, instead of adding a different menu to the same brand, you can create a different brand under the same franchise to maintain the authenticity of the cuisines you serve while using the same chef for both.

This will reduce the risk of venturing into a new cuisine model, as loyal customers are more open to trying out names they are familiar with and comfortable with.

5. Location

Virtual kitchens provide tremendous flexibility- in terms of location as well! The best part is that you don’t have to pay a super high rent for a spot at the prime heart of the city. In fact, a virtual kitchen can just as easily operate from a basement or an old, run-down warehouse!

That does not mean you set up a kitchen in the middle of nowhere. A location close enough to where the demand is, but not necessarily at a prime spot suffices well.


To conclude, the restaurant industry has undergone a huge transformation over the years. Long gone are the days when things were done the traditional way in the industry. Now technology such as ordering platforms, setting up a virtual kitchen, or food aggregators like Zomato and Swiggy have flooded the market and for good reason. Consumer demand isn’t a thing that should be ignored.

Restaurants have been able to expand their business much more easily, quickly and well and go beyond the horizon when offering a wide array of menu items.

Moiz January 25, 2021


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