How to Effective Use A Commercial Bain Marie Buying Guide 2023

How to Effective Use A Commercial Bain Marie Buying Guide 2022

Are you a newbie in the restaurant industry, you might have all sorts of questions about a Commercial bain marie? What is it? What does it do? How does it function? How to use a Commercial bain marie effectively? If these are some of the questions popping up in your mind, then this blog is for you.

Bain marie, which is French for the water bath, is a commercial equipment used for gentle or meticulous cooking. It’s also used to keep the food hot & fresh for a long time. If you wish to cook with this equipment, you must first know what the bain marie food items are. Any delicate ingredients, for instance, chocolate are what you can add to a bain marie. When you want to melt chocolate, exposing it directly to a flame will cause it to burn.

Most widely, a commercial bain marie is used to keep the cooked food warm for a long time. It is mostly used in restaurants or catering businesses. For its structure, 2 pans are usually stacked on top of one another where the bottom pan is filled with water and the top pan contains the food item. With electric power, the water in the bottom pan starts boiling. This then keeps the food in the top pan warm & fresh.

commercial bain marie

5 Steps to Use A commercial Bain Marie

Step 1: Decide what you want to keep fresh. There are multiple sizes, capacities, and a number of pans available in the bain marie. As per your bain marie, select the number of food items you wish to keep warm for serving. This also depends on your food menu and the seating capacity of your restaurant.

Step 2: Carefully pour water into the bain marie bottom container. Make sure you check the length of the top pan and measure the gap between the container/bottom pan & top pan to avoid over-pouring of water.

Step 3: If it is an electric bain marie, connect the plug to the board and start boiling the water. Once the water starts boiling, you can add the food item or ingredients to the top pan of the bain marie.

Step 4: Make sure you turn off the boiling after some time as it may overcook the food and spoil the taste. Once you close the pan’s lid, your food will remain warm for a long time. This is because every commercial bain marie in India is usually made of stainless steel.

Step 5: Once the need for your commercial bain marie is over, don’t forget to take out the water and clean the entire equipment. You will need to clean the top pan thoroughly to make sure all food residue is completely cleaned. Make sure you unplug the wires before you start cleaning the bain marie.

commercial bain marie

Now that you know how a commercial bain marie food warmer works, let me give you some tips that you must look out for when you are purchasing one.

  1. All stainless steel body for longer life 
  2. High efficiency for bigger food volume
  3. Accurate temperature control for high-quality food
  4. Energy-saving features
  5. Durable built


Commercial bain marie is a smart innovation and a blessing to the food industry. Caterers & restaurateurs around the world use bain marie for cooking & keeping the food warm. It is an extremely useful equipment to fasten processes and for better food quality! Let us know in the comments below how you liked this step-by-step guideline. Also, if you wish to order a commercial bain marie food warmer online, check out Restaurant.Store. Restaurant.Store is an online store offering quality commercial kitchen equipment all over India. Turn your restaurant’s kitchen into a smart hub with Restaurant.Store!

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