Complete Guide to Serving 7 After Dinner Drinks & Cocktails

Guide to Serving 7 After Dinner Drinks & Cocktails

Whenever Restaurant frequenters order after dinner drinks for two broad reasons- to help digest heavy meals and to socialize. Once a hearty meal is eaten, many customers- especially those who are office employees, partake in ordering a ‘Digestif’. A digestif is simply an alcoholic drink that helps digest your food better! These drinks cleanse the palette while leaving a mesmerizing after-taste following a good dinner. Moreover, they are also shown to encourage your clientele to order dessert, cheese platters, or any accompaniments that may complement their liquor!

With restaurants now opening up to their full capacity due to lockdown regulations being discarded, there is a substantial rise in people dining out more. The main reason is that people want to make up for their lost dining experiences along with face-to-face socialization. That combined with an increase in workers venturing out at night, these drinks are a clever way to elevate the experience of your restaurant while also reeling in new customers. Here is a complete guide of what exactly Digestifs are, and which types of Digestifs you can serve in your restaurant!

 A. What Is a Digestif?

To put it simply- Digestifs are after dinner drinks with a motive. As the name suggests, they help in digestion and are a part of a before/after dinner drinks combo served in many resto-bars around the world. The first of the two is known as aperitifs, and they are appetite-inducing connotations served before a meal. The latter type is drinks consumed after dinner and help digest food, as the name Digestif suggests.

It might seem puzzling to think of how exactly alcohol is supposed to aid in digesting heavy meals, but there is clever science behind it! Our body has evolved to immediately reject anything that tastes bitter. Many years ago, humans frequently ingested poison by accident, and as a result, our bodies developed to get rid of it. Today we don’t willingly consume poison, but the habits of our bodies are still stuck with us. So, when we consume bitter drinks like alcohol, our body goes into a stand-by default to eject the drink if necessary, and for this reason, breaks down the food in our stomach faster!

 B. Different Variations of Digestifs

One thing to keep in mind about Digestifs is- the best after dinner drinks will always encompass two primary attributes- strong and spicy herbal qualities, and varying tinges of bitterness. Here are some of the best and most popular types of Digestif drinks that have the aforementioned qualities!

 1. Chartreuse

Chartreuse is a herb-heavy drink and as a result, contains a spicy flavor. In fact, it contains 130 different types of herbs and spices and is available in 2 main colors- green and yellow. The green version of the Chartreuse is herby and has distinct pepper and mint hints. On the other hand, the yellow version is much sweeter and floral.

Initially used as a medical tonic, Chartreuse was first made by monks from the Grande Chartreuse Monastery in France. The drink became so well-loved, that it was modified to be frequently consumed liquor. You can serve this delectable drink as an exotic and natural-tasting Digestif!

 2. Brandy

Brandy is a widely popular type of alcohol, but is most commonly served as a Digestif. People can talk endlessly over a glass of brandy. The drink has been dubbed “l’eau de vie”, which is French for “water of life”! Before being served widely as an after dinner drink, Brandy was used as an antiseptic and an anesthetic.

Produced by fruits, Brandy preserves the taste of distilled apples, cherries, or grapes. The liquor has an underlying warmth and sweetness to it, and the longer it is stored, the richer and spicier it will taste. The high alcohol content lacks herbs but contains warming properties that relax the stomach and brings a sense of peace to the drinker. Brandy also helps you fall asleep quickly. This Digestif drinks can be served on cold winter nights as warmth and comfort after dinner!

 3. Amaro

Amaro is multi-natured. Some are more sour and citrus, while others are smoldering with smokey, and sweet properties. A common attribute to them is that they are herb-y and are both bitter and sweet. Depending on the brand, Amaro has different significant tastes and recipes, and is served as a Disgetif to sip on slowly after dinner! This drink can be experimented with, and you can serve variations of cocktails with Amaro to your liquor-loving customers.

 4. Grappa

An Italian drink that shares many similar attributes with wine, Grappa’s flavors come from grape pomace (the left-over puppy residue or a crushed fruit). However, it does not taste like wine. Grappa contains high levels of alcohol and is considered a spirit that tastes sweet, rich, and spicy, with hints of berries.

In Italy, Grappa is frequently served with coffee. You can serve this rich drink in your restaurant with a form of caffeine to provide a unique European experience!

 5. Aquavit

Quite similar to vodka, Aquavit is spirit alcohol and a popular drink in Scandinavia. What sets it apart from vodka is caraway, which is an aromatic herb. Due to being made using grains and potatoes, and then further topped with herbs, the drink is savory. Aquavit soothes the stomach and can be consumed after a heavy and greasy meal. Other herbs added to the digestif include dill and anise. Aquavit is perfect to be served as an after dinner drink after a spicy or oily meal to make your customers feel lighter!

 6. Sherry

A highly reputed old-fashioned drink, Sherry’s home lies in Spain. It is produced with white grapes before being stored away in wooden caskets to age like fine wine! There are many versions of Sherry, all emanating a distinct flavor based on the brand. Fino and Manzanilla sherry are savory and fall into a drier style. Whereas, cream sherry and Pedro Ximenez are sweeter, with fruity, chocolate, and spice elements. This drink is often served with tapas or other accompaniments, and can substitute for supper for your customers!

 7. Port Wine

Port Wine is one of the most famously served after dinner drinks worldwide. Produced in Portugal, this pleasant-tasting wine is made from the native grape varieties in the Douro Valley. The drink is often enjoyed with cheese or a dessert. It can also be served as a sweet beverage to finish your dinner.

The wine also comes in deep red, dry, white, or rose variations. The most common flavors of Port wines include ripe fruity tastes with deep spicy and chocolate hints. A glass of Port Wine with a bar of chocolate is the perfect ending to your customer’s delicious meal!


After Dinner drinks or digestif drinks are a great method to provide an even more satisfying meal, with the help of alcoholic beverages after your delicious dinner. They are also a fantastic way to keep your bar busy while reeling in more customers- ones who appreciate the taste of liquor! You can get the most efficient equipment for bars on Restaurant.Store, to prepare and serve the best After Dinner drinks or digestif drinks to your customers!

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