Easy Commercial Waffle Maker buying Guide 2023

Easy Commercial Waffle Maker buying Guide 2022

To serve the best waffles, your restaurant needs an apt Commercial Waffle Maker installed in its kitchen. Waffles are a treasured food item to many- not just in the morning, but also in many other subsequent meals of the day. Due to being regarded as “comfort food”, waffles are an excellent addition to your menu, and can also positively affect the income of your customers daily. The warm, tasty dish is usually popular as a breakfast item, but really can be eaten as any sort of meal if you crave it!

It’s not an easy task to select the choicest equipment, especially the kind which transforms batter into solid. In this blog, you will find a comprehensive guide to selecting the most adaptable commercial waffle maker machine for your restaurant!

Features to Consider When Buying a Commercial Waffle Maker

Commercial Waffle Maker
1. Plates of the Waffle Maker Machine

The Plates of your waffle maker determine their texture and patterns. Waffles are a diverse commodity- they can come in various forms. A waffle maker plate grid could be round, square, or produce waffle cones, which are a thinner version of waffles used in ice creams or crepes. Other variations of waffle makers based on their plates include Bubble Waffle Makers, Hot-Dog Waffle Makers, and Lolly Waffle Makers. Usually, waffle cone makers and bubble waffle makers are utilized in ice cream parlors.

A few things to keep in mind regarding the plating could be the waffle maker’s embedded heat function and cleanability. The waffle maker machines at Restaurant.Store make sure to cook your waffles evenly and throughout, and are also really easy to clean!

2. Rotary Features

If your waffle maker has rotary features, your waffles can be flipped easily and also be cooked from all sides equally. Rotary features mean that the plates of your waffle makers can rotate on their axis manually. Users of the machine can also use a handle to flip your waffles to perfection!

3. Adjustable Cooking/Browning Control

Some people like their waffles crispy, while others prefer them softer. With an adjustable browning control option on your waffle maker, you can set your waffle to be as cooked as your customer wants it to be! You can also alter this setting according to the consistency and thickness of your batter and waffle, to minimize cooking time.

4. Capacity and Maximum Temperature

Almost all Waffle Makers only allow a maximum of 1 whole waffle to be prepared at a time. But, the size could differ depending on the plates of these machines. Waffle cone makers generally have a larger diameter as they would need to be curled into a cone. Bubble Waffle makers are usually smaller due to their compensation in thickness. Make sure to pick the correct capacity while keeping in mind the type of waffles and the number of customers you will be serving.

5. Drip Trays

Drip Trays are simply plates/trays placed below your floating waffle grid. These collect excess batter that might fall out during flipping or closing your waffle plates. Although they are mostly offered as an optional feature, their stainless steel body makes the cleaning process easier while also helping reduce food waste! See that the drip tray you are purchasing is nonstick in nature and dishwasher friendly.

6. Additional Cooking Accessories

There are usually a bunch of extra tools such as spatulas, and tongs you should buy with your commercial waffle maker. These additions help the complete cooking process of your delicious waffle. Before buying them, remember that these tools will come in direct contact with the commercial waffle maker’s body, so they must be heat resistant. Accessories made of wood, silicon, or plastic that can bear high heat are best to purchase!


Buying a commercial waffle maker machine for your restaurant or cafe is a splendid choice to elevate the menu while also pulling in more customers. These versatile machines are also constantly being used in new ways by chefs and cooks. If you are looking for a waffle maker machine similar to the ones listed in this blog, Restaurant.Store is the place for you! Browse through our impressive collection of commercial waffle maker machines to serve mouth-watering waffles to your customers.

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