Commercial Blenders: 6 Things to Consider While Selecting the Best One!

Best Commercial Blenders

Blenders are one of the most common equipments used in restaurants, cafes, bars, and juice bars. These commercial blenders are used to process various types of foods like puree, juice, milkshakes, cocktails, smoothies, ice crushing, soups, sauces, etc.

Since the equipment is used multiple times every day, it goes without saying that you must select the equipment wisely and look at all the aspects before buying the equipment. With our Restaurant.Store experts, we have prepared a step-by-step guide for purchasing commercial blender equipment.

Commercial Blenders

6 Things to Consider While Selecting the Best Commercial Blenders

1. Power

Since almost all commercial blenders function on electricity, it is important to consider the power consumption of blenders. Wonder how to check how much power your new blender might consume? You can always check the wattage/power mentioned in the product description. The number mentioned next to Power is the maximum power drawn by the commercial blender machine. Some commercial blenders may have a range of power settings. You can always ask about the power consumption at the time you enquire about the equipment if you are ordering online.

2. Capacity

What amount of food can your new blender blend at a time? Depending on your requirements, make sure you check the capacity of the blender before purchasing. Every heavy-duty blender at restaurants/cafes/bars/juice centers has huge capacities as compared to regular blenders. On average, commercial blender machines come with a single jar of 0.9 liters to 1.5 liters capacity.

If you have a huge rush all the time at your restaurant/bar, you can consider getting a blender with huge capacity as it will get the work done in less time. But if you run a tiny cafe where you are going to use the blender for crushing ice or preparing smoothies, you can go with the fewer capacity blenders.

3. Durability

One of the major factors to be considered while choosing the right blender machine is to check the durability of the equipment. Since it is one of the most common pieces of equipment and is accessed several times a day in cafes & bars, it should be able to withstand heavy-duty work for a longer period. While checking the durability of the equipment, also check the material of the body of the equipment. By durability, we also mean the overall life of that equipment. On average, an industrial blender with heavy-duty work lasts well for 10 years.

4. Ease of Use

A chef has to look after many tasks in the entire kitchen for the complete day. Right from chopping the veggies to preparing curries, a chef takes care of multiple tasks. In the rush hour, a commercial blender machine should be able to reduce the work stress by blending huge quantities of food real quick and smooth! Make sure the equipment you purchase does not feel like rocket science to the staff.

5. Features

One of the most important factors to consider when you explore commercial blenders online is the features of that equipment. Again, it depends on the usage & requirements of your work whether to select an advanced technology blender or a regular one. You can go with the digital display blender, having no noise system, and automatically setting the right speed as per the ingredients being blended. But if you are purchasing it for regular usage, you can go with the regular commercial blender with a limited amount of features.

6. Easy Care & Maintenance

While selecting any equipment for your restaurant bar or cafe, make sure you imagine your staff cleaning the equipment and addressing the pain points while performing regular maintenance of that equipment. The blender should be easy to clean and maintain and must not have a tedious process of cleaning to save your staff’s time & effort.


Now that you have understood all the top 6 things to consider while purchasing the right commercial blender, let us help you with the actual buying process. Why spend hours in shops when you can order the right equipment in a couple of clicks from your phone? Visit Restaurant.Store and explore a wide range of commercial blender machines. The best part about Restaurant.Store is that you can enquire about the equipment before making a purchase, consult experts, and select the best equipment for your business. Click here to know more.

Moiz February 11, 2022


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