9 Important Reasons to Buy Kitchen Equipment From Restaurant.Store Over Traditional Deals

9 Important Reasons to Buy Kitchen Equipment From Restaurant.Store Over Traditional Deals

A kitchen is the heart of any restaurant. It is where the magic happens. And cooking is not less than any magic, ask a chef and he couldn’t agree more. Kitchen equipment plays a vital role in making your cooking experience much more comforting. With growing technology in every field, there are many smart commercial kitchen equipment performing two or more tasks at the same time.

Since hundreds of customers visit hotels and restaurants every day, restaurant kitchens are equipped to prepare bulk orders in one go and in a short time.

But the major concern here is, where to buy these equipment from. There are two options; brick and mortar and online stores. The importance of online stores is well understood in this pandemic. Where people are relying on online stores and avoiding stepping out for any kind of shopping, there are many online stores selling commercial kitchen equipment as well.

In this blog, we are going to share some important points explaining why online stores are the best option to buy commercial kitchen equipment.

Here’s Why You Need To Buy Commercial Kitchen Equipment From Restaurant.Store:

1. Quality Products:

Quality speaks! Every online store offers products that are manufactured as per quality standards to fulfill end user’s requirements. We understand how vital it is to have kitchen equipment performing well under severe conditions like high-demand hours, bulk preparations, rough usage by staff, etc. Hence, we deliver sturdy, durable, and reliable products.

2. Trusted Brands:

Another important factor to consider here is that we offer only trusted brands. We sell brands like Alister, Hoshizaki, Celfrost, Welbilt, Manitowoc, Rational, Whirlpool Commercial, Panasonic Professional, etc. All the brands we sell are in the market for decades and have generated trust among end-users.

We are very cautious and we do not partner with brands having poor service. We also introduce products that are valued for money, we avoid products that are expensive only for the sake of their brand value in the global markets, such equipment does not fit right with our Indian customers.

3. Warranty & Guarantee:

Buying heavy kitchen equipment and appliances involves a huge cost and hence we make sure to serve the best to our customers. Every commercial kitchen equipment is offered by Restaurant.Store comes with warranty & guarantee cards.

4. Variety of Options:

Willing to buy an oven for your commercial bakery? We have more than 10 options for gas and electric commercial ovens. Similarly for all equipment, we have a variety of products from different brands and have different specifications. According to users’ requirements, they can select any feasible option considering their needs.

5. Saves Time:

The major reason why consumers prefer brick-and-mortar stores is that they get to select and purchase equipment in less time, but most of the time fabricated equipment orders end up delaying the launch. Restaurant.Store e-commerce website is smartly designed to help users complete the purchase journey in less time with complete convenience. We also keep fabricated equipment in standard sizes in ready stock.

Since there are multiple options for each equipment category and subcategory available in stock in one place, users can simply go through all the details, finalize, and process the purchase in one go.

6. Compare and Communicate:

At Restaurant.Store you can compare between two similar products of different brands. You can also check the technical difference in different models available to get a better idea of what product you should buy. Also, you can call or chat with our team and we will guide you with the right product that fits your requirement and also suits your budget. We are here to help you buy.

7. Design Your Kitchen With Experts:

So we are not here just to sell you things! Our fundamental objective is to become a complete solution for the Indian commercial kitchen industry. Hence, our services also include consulting, designing, and setting up commercial kitchens to enhance functionality, comfort, and innovation. Our industry experts help Restaurateurs arrange their commercial kitchens like a pro!

8. Annual Maintenance Contract:

We not only help you set up your dream kitchen, and sell commercial kitchen equipment, but also offer an annual maintenance contract (AMC). Our dedicated team of highly qualified and skilled professionals monitors the performance of the equipment at regular intervals and prevents/resolves issues if any during check-ups. We believe prevention is always a better option in the restaurant industry as it saves the chef from the disturbance caused by any equipment breakdown.

9. You Need Not Carry Heavy Equipment Way To Your Hotel:

One of the best advantages of purchasing kitchen equipment from online stores is ‘home delivery’. Most of the physical stores deliver only heavy equipment like refrigerators, bakery machines, burner ranges, etc. But while buying lightweight equipment such as sandwich grillers, blenders, pizza ovens, fryers, etc. home deliveries are not available. We deliver small to heavy kitchen equipment at your doorstep that too in very little time.

10. Customer Support:

Our customer support team takes care of every issue raised and we have a dedicated team to resolve customer problems. Tickets are raised for all complaints and the issue is tried to be solved within a few hours.


-Why spend days going to different stores and places just to buy equipment when you can get it all in one single place.
-Why place order blindly and wait for days and to get what is readily available with us.
-Why worry about what quality you may get from unknown vendors when you can get assured quality products from us.
-Why get stressed about service when you can get it by just dropping a message to our AMC team.

Considering all the above-mentioned advantages, we are sure you now wish to buy your next equipment from us. Click here to get started.

Moiz May 24, 2021


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