Best 5 Tips to Choose the Right GN Pans in India

Best 5 Tips to Choose the Right GN Pans in India

Everything standardized goes a long way!

GN Pans also known as Gastronorm Pans sizes were originally introduced by Europeans in the year 1964. These standard sizes are applied almost globally.

What exactly is GN Pan?

These are the utensils or vessels used in commercial kitchens and are prepared in standard sizes suitable for equipment. These sizes are followed everywhere and every commercial kitchen equipment is designed considering these sizes.

For instance, you are planning to purchase a Bain Marie for your new restaurant and are looking for a suitable GN Pan. As per the size and capacity of your Bain Marie, you can select a standard size for GN Pans. It can be a size 1/1 or 2/1 or even 1/9. There are a total of 15 sizes available for GN Pan and all the commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers consider these sizes while designing the equipment.

It is very important to select the right GN Pans for your restaurant to avoid any inconvenience and interruptions in food preparation. In this blog, we are going to offer some smart tips to help you select the right GN Pan for your commercial kitchen.

5 Tips to Choose the Right GN Pans

1. What GN Pan Size Will Fit My Equipment?

Every commercial kitchen equipment has Pan Wells i.e. open space to hold pans. Though there can be multiple-sized wells in every piece of equipment, you need not find the right fit for that respective size. You can fit more than 1 piece of equipment in one well.

For instance, if you are looking for a GN Pan for Bain Marie and the Bain Maries have a well of 2 / 3 GN, you can simply put 6 pans of 1/9 sizes, 4 pans of 1 / 6 sizes, or 2 pans of 1 / 3 sizes. The sizes are designed in a global standard manner where any well can contain multiple pans as per the user’s requirements.

2. Which material is best for GN Pans?

When we talk about materials of commercial kitchen equipment and vessels, the first thing to consider is the purpose of the vessel. What are the functions of that particular vessel? GN Pans can be used to store, cook food, or even to keep the food warm. You can prepare warm food as well as cold food like salads in GN Pans.

We strongly recommend stainless steel GN Pans for warm food preparation and storage as other materials such as polycarbonate, melamine, etc. are not considered for cooking warm food. Melamine is a lightweight thermosetting plastic material best for displaying food. Polycarbonate on the other hand is a material ideally used to keep cold food in refrigerators or buffets.

3. Do I need lids for my GN Pans?

Yes! Even if you are using the GN Pans for plain storage purposes, you will be needing the GN Pan Lids to cover the food. Since all GN Pans are available in square sizes or rectangular sizes, using regular lids or large plates to cover the pan is not feasible. Also, GN Pan Lids come with handles making them convenient to use.

4. Cost of GN Pans?

Depending on the size, material, purpose of use, and any other specifications, the cost of GN Pans varies. A GN Pan of size 1/9 with lid and stainless steel body costs only 215 INR. A GS Pan of size 1/1 with lid and stainless steel body costs only 780 INR.

5. Where can I buy GN Pans online?

Commercial kitchen equipment shopping can be a tiring job as it involves visiting multiple shops, bargaining with all vendors, explaining your exact requirements and size specifications to all vendors, and much more. To overcome this, you can always shop online from a reliable online store. Make sure the e-commerce shop that you are exploring offers branded & quality products, delivers in time, offers AMC, and something more than just GN Pans.


Purchasing a GN Pan can be a 5 minutes task. All you have to do is visit an online store like Restaurant.Store, explore a range of pans, select as per your specifications, and place your order. Since GN Pan can be used for multiple purposes, it is recommended to have extra GN Pans than you require. If you wish to explore more commercial kitchen equipment online like refrigerators, ovens, food mixers, etc., check out Restaurant.Store now.

Moiz December 7, 2021


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